Principles of Economic Freedom

Principles of Economic Freedom:

Basis: A large society, or nation, is a collection of communities. Economically, it is important that every community be sustainable in itself, in as much as it produces a large number of its needed goods, and that every citizen is assured of a livelihood in that community itself. When we don’t have this, then we see the sorrow of poverty, migration and exploitation. (more…)
To realise such a self-sufficiency, our economic principles would be:
1. Zero-debt system; no domestic debt, no foreign debt.
2. Production-driven economy: Cottage-level production, community-level industry.
3. De-centralised focus: Distributed production, diverse methods, diversity of products.
4. Maximum consumption within the community, within the district. Minimal transportation.
5. Appropriate use of technology for sustainable communities. Innovation in mechanical devises and renewable energy, minimal use of electrical and petroleum energy.
Since Agriculture is the most important component of self-sustainable economic activity, we can derive the sub-principles of agricultural production as:
a.) Natural farming methods based upon principles of sustainability.
b.) Zero use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
c.) Zero-budget farming – no money expenditure.
d.) Farming for self-sufficiency, for self-consumption, to aim to produce more than one’s needs.

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