Looking for Real Freedom

Till the mid-20th century, the world saw many fights for ‘independence’. Usually the bad man was some Englishman or European who was chased away, and after that, people started to consider themselves as ‘free’. That such an ‘independence’ is not freedom at all, is beginning to make sense to many thinking people now, in the 21st century.

The world has been deluded into believing that to be able to vote, to be able to apply for a job, to be able to fight another in court, or to be able to get admission to a school – all this constitutes freedom. And yet, western  societies which originated this scheme and which have implemented this colonial version of ‘freedom’, are themselves caught in an unjust, exploitative, and tragic existence.

This modern system, which is being thrust all over the globe. would not be acceptable to any humane civilization. This website, originating in, but not limited to, Indian and Buddhist civilization, looks at freedom again, with a desire to realize it for mankind. For that to happen, we would have to understand what freedom is.

Swatantrata, the Indian expression for freedom, encompasses concepts of right livelihood, of justice, of duty & responsibility, and of self-investigation or self-knowledge.  In other words, freedom is about Economic Freedom (livelihood), Social Freedom (Justice), Political Freedom (Responsibility), and Religious Freedom (Education).

We explore all this here, with the belief that change happens as we understand. There is possibility.